Thursday, March 13, 2008


Dexter is an amazing show that I love to watch. Recently I watched both seasons of Dexter and loved it. I just find the idea of serial killer working for the police hilarious! Plus, this show seems to have great content and fresh ideas. Just to give you a quick summary Dexter is about a man named Dexter Morgan who works on blood spatter analysis in the Miami police department. He is also a serial killer because he witnessed his mother die at a young age. This series is a dark comedy, drama, and a little horror, so don't watch this if you are easily frightened! All in all, Dexter is an amazing show.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A new direction

Recently I have gotten pretty bored and decided to watch more Television and suddenly it came to me. To boost my blog, I would write about Television, because I love watching TV with friends and by myself. So in the next couple of weeks look for my posts about television.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Internet for Life and a Wii for $10?

This is not a joke by any means! You can get Charter High Speed Internet for life for a starting bid of 10 dollars! I was astounded when I came upon this deal because internet can be a costly commodity nowadays. You have to be in an area where Charter High Speed internet service is provided, otherwise you can't bid. There is even more ! Charter High Speed Internet will also provide you with a wireless router and a cable modem with installation free of charge. Now about the Wii...

The Wii is being raffled off for just signing up to consider this deal. You don't even have to bid, and you can still win the Wii! Included for the sweepstakes winner is everything you need to hook up the Wii and start playing. It even comes with Wii Sports!

So just sign up for a chance to win a Wii, and bid to win high speed Internet on March 12th!

Friday, February 22, 2008


Have you ever heard of Lifelock? Lifelock is a service that guarantees that if your identity is stolen you will remain safe. They do this through a multi-step process for 10 dollars a month. First they monitor you credit history regularly and then they remove you from junk credit applications and other lists where your Social Security Number can be stolen. Next, if your identity was stolen, Lifelock will spend up to One Million dollars to return your good name. They also have a service that will help you if your wallet is stolen. In this service, Lifelock will cancel all of your credit cards to make sure your identity is kept safe. Right now there is a Life Lock promotion code that is available to give you service free for 30 days. This Life Lock promo code is only available for a short amount of time. If your are considering to join, use this code to save a month of payment. This sounds like a fabulous opportunity and if you don't like the service, you can just cancel it. So use this LifeLock promo code to get 30 days of Lifelock free! Just type in Lifelock in a search engine to get more info on LifeLock.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Your very own Poker League

Over the last few years I have really been picking up the game of poker! I started out clueless, but now once a month I clean my friends out! Well instead of traveling to a house every time what If I could do it online?
I just found about this site called Poker DIY. I took the tour and saw the brilliance of this site. First of all, you can create a group and invite your friends. Next, you can schedule a game among your group. Lastly, you can join a league online or post a ad for a local league online. This is the basic model for the site. It also has other features, such as the ability to practice poker online, meet people, and track your own stats.
This sound like a great website and I am sure to create a group with all my friends and still keep beating them!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Online Backgammon

Recently, I have noticed a lot of backgammon sites popping up and I had no clue why. Well as I was browsing the internet I saw a site that hosts live internet backgammon games. I myself was astounded by the way this virtual backgammon site was organized and well kept. It informs you of tournaments and other things. So if you play online backgammon gammon world is the place to go!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Trust Source

Recently I came upon a site that actually ranks cash advance websites. I got to say this was odd, because I had never heard of websites that actually give you cash advances, but whatever. One word of advice is that cash advances can be dangerous because of their high interest rates, so watch out. Anyway, this website was laid out very well, and I instantly found reviews and rankings of their top 5 payday loan websites. It even tells you the system on which these payday loans sites are ranked. I felt much better knowing that these were actually reputed website instead of scams. Next to each link there is a small description that tells us what the particular website is best suited for. Some are better for quick small amounts and others are suited for larger amounts. With trust source you know you are getting the sense and security of pre-reviewed cash advance website with no prior research. I do again warn that you read everything before you accept any kind of deal. Remember, trust source is the place to go when you are in a money jam. Don't expect to fooled others with the great expertise and reviews of many payday loans websites by trust source.
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